The Life Drone

The Life Drone
Building on what a drone is capable of doing, the LIFE DRONE is an amphibious rescue-device that can travel in air as well as on water. It comes with a unique format that allows it to go from your regular airborne quad-copter drone to a waterborne motor-raft whenever needed.

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Interesting concept. An immediate application might be on naval or commercial ships. Many, if not most man overboard situation are unseen at night or in stormy/low visibility weather. To be most effective the drone should have both a water activated strobe and radio beacon transmitter. A possible on-deck safety set up would be having crew wearing a lanyard when emerging onto weather decks. The lanyard would be floatable and contain a strobe and radio transmitter to alert bridge watch standers and to indicate victim position. The drone would then be launched to locate the victim, mark their position and provide flotation. They drones ability to transit breaking seas may be problematical. Testing should aid providing sufficient power/endurance to confirm the device's capability.
Dave Smith, Ph.D.
Commander USCG (RET)
Posted by David Smith on October 7, 2021

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