ThePhoneCoat Nano Gel

ThePhoneCoat Nano Gel
ThePhoneCoat nano gel is a very new way to protect your devices from all the scratchs and chocs without wearing any type of physical protection! Our new nano gel protection is very easy to install and protect your device from most of the little knocks of your daily life.

✂️ ANTI SCRATCH / Maximal resistance under scratch. 9H grade on Mohs scale under mineral resistance.

💧ANTI SPLASH / Thanks to the hydrophobic nanotechnology, your device will have a durable splash protection and also antibacterial

📲FULL BODY / Our product is available for both sides of your smartphone. It covers the screen, the frame and the back cover of your device. Edge to edge feature allows a maximum protection !

🎹SENSITIVE / Most of classic tempered glass are not compatible with new touch screen technologies. Nano gel is compatible with 100% touch screens.

💯FOR ALL DEVICES / Universal protection for any type of screen (up to 10 inches with a single dose!) If you have a connected watch, glasses, nano liquid can also be used to protect these objects.

👻ALMOST INVISIBLE / Thanks to its thinness (0,1mm) you will rediscover your smartphone in it’s original state.

ThePhoneCoat Nano Gel

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