Thread Robot Removes Clots in the Brain

Thread Robot Removes Clots in the Brain
A thread robot navigates through blood vessels to safely remove blood clots without the need for open brain surgery.

The ultra-slender, thread-like robot developed by the team at MIT is made up of a core of flexible, nickel-titanium alloy that has been coated with a rubbery paste embedded with magnetic particles and then covered in a friction-free hydrogel. The device can be navigated externally by the surgeon via a joystick-controlled magnet, moving through the brain’s blood vessels to the clot without the need for invasive surgery.

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Dear People, What if this new invention, could be adapted to eliminate hardening of the arteries, or Artheroscelerosis, noticeably, or the arteries in the neck? That is, both DARPA and a outfit, have made 'Ray Guns', that shoot EMPs, (Electro-Magnetic Pulses) to short out the microchips of motor vehicles to stop them. But, what if that electronic weapon technology could be adapted to cleaning out people's hardened arteries safely? If we could thread this Nickel/Titanium wire, that has an electrically insulating polymer coating, up into the neck artery of an elderly person, whose neck arteries are getting more and more restricted due to calcium or fatty plagues build-up lining them, We could give it a blunted, exposed tip, and, by using a AI guided Da Vinci system, move it gradually through the artery, while using such a very refined EMP ray gun to shoot tiny EMPs at it. OK, all materials have a specific kind of disintegration parameter, when hit by electricity or EMPs, and we already have the established technology to make EMPs of very precise frequencies or power levels for this application. When the tiny EMPs hit the artery, they are converted into tiny electric jolts, by the electrical GROUNDING of that exposed alloy tip. OK, we might be able to make this process more effective, by attaching the far end of the Nickel/Alloy wire, to a POWERFUL electrical grounding set up. That is, in an old CBS-TV show, titled "CSI: Cyber", the heroes prevented a bomb from going off, by grounding its electric battery, to the wiring of the massive vehicle that they were driving, because the vehicle's electric system then sucked out ALL of the power potential in the bomb's battery, effectively disarming it. If that powerful grounding effect is for real, we could use it in this thing, to make it work better. insure that the EMPs cause the clogging lining the person' neck arteries, to disintegrate into pieces as small or smaller than a blood cell, and their body's normal blood circulation would then remove it and eliminate that debris. So, This new MIT invention might be a valid way to actually CURE hardening of the arteries!
Posted by Robert Schreib on September 4, 2019

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