Three-Wheeled AIRPod Runs on Compressed Air

Three-Wheeled AIRPod Runs on Compressed Air
As hydrogen-powered cars and hybrids compete for our attention, let's not forget the practicality of the compressed-air alternative.

When we think of automotive innovations, the temptation is to think of them as substitutes for the personal car. But there are other ways to approach moving people from place to place. And there are places for vehicles that take some of the burden off of cars powered by internal combustion engines.

The new AIRPod, for example, can get people around airports and train stations. They can also serve as municipal vehicles, inner-city cabs, and shuttles from park-and-ride terminals. Best of all, they generate no pollution and require none of the difficult-to-dispose materials used in batteries.

Reports say these mini-cars seat two adults comfortably or a maximum of three adults and one child. The driver sits alone up front and steers with a joy stick. Passengers sit in back, facing the rear. The AIRPod's 180-cc, aluminum, compressed-air engine and its light-materials construction, keep its weight down to about about 220 kg (487 lbs.). And because it's so light, its 5.5 horsepower engine can move it easily enough and give it a respectable range.

Three-Wheeled AIRPod Runs on Compressed Air

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Very very effective & environment product...

Posted by guna sekaran on March 10, 2009
wouldnt there be a need to compress the air to begin with? the energy used, perhaps through an air generator would need to be factored in when considering the overall effects on the environment.
Posted by jonathan luu on March 22, 2010
i am persuing mechanical engg. and i would like to request you to
tell me about a air engine as a project.
Posted by Chetan singh on August 20, 2010
Compressed air can be generated from electricity, which can be generated from SOLAR, WIND, WAVE or GEOTHERMAL. All of which would help get us off of BURNING PETROLEUM.
Posted by Victor Steerup on November 20, 2010
if there is a way to "re-compress" the air that is used, then you wouldnt ever have to recharge the compressor. therefore, create a turbine system to generate fresh air into the compressor while the auto is in motion, like a supercharger. battery powered for cold starts and an alternator of course.
Posted by kemp daytona on January 13, 2011

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