Thrusters Add Power to Speedy Sports

Thrusters Add Power to Speedy Sports
Add some extra boost to your adrenaline sports with the Thrusters, a handheld jet engine system that can propel users up to 50 miles per hour.

Developed by Dreamscience, the Thrusters's integrated battery pack and four tiny jet engines are designed to be strapped to the user's chest. The user controls the device by holding a central bar and controlling the thrust with either a thumb throttle or a bite control (the bite control leaves the hands free for a better grip), and steers by moving their arms.

The Thrusters design is still in progress, and Dreamscience's founder and director Adam Contoret is looking for more experienced athletes to test the design with different types of gear. And, because Dreamscience focuses on development, a manufacturing partner would still need to brought on board in order to get the device to the market.

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