Tiny Battery-Free Implantable Health Sensor

Tiny Battery-Free Implantable Health Sensor
An ultra-tiny, battery-free implantable sensor could be injected under the skin to offer continuous health monitor.ing

Battery-free implantable sensors rely on a handheld, external sensor reader to detect the transmitted signals, but the sensors have had to be relatively large in order to create a strong enough signal. To reduce the size of the implanted sensor, a team from the University of Singapore calibrated the wireless reader to operate at an exceptional point that makes it three times more sensitive than standard readers. A prototype of the improved reader was able to detect the subtle movements of a 0.9mm sensor implanted beneath the skin to monitor breathing and heart rate.

According to assistant professor John Ho, “We hope that our breakthrough will be a trailblazer for the future of minimally invasive health monitoring solutions where patients are immediately alerted whenever their physiological conditions such as heart rate and blood glucose cross a critical threshold.”

Tiny Battery-Free Implantable Health Sensor

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