Tiny, Low-Cost Radar Offers Better Navigation

Tiny, Low-Cost Radar Offers Better Navigation
A small and low-cost radar system could help both the visually impaired and unmanned devices navigate their environment.

While typical radar modules are bulky and tend to lose key details, the compact system from KAUST and VTT relies on an operating frequency of 24 GHz, which allowed the team to reduce the size of the microchip antenna. The system’s frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar produces constant millimeter-wavelength radio waves that vary in frequency with each pulse, improving distance accuracy, while the incorporation of one transmitting and two receiving antennae offer a better estimate of the angular location of the target. The entire device is powered by a 5V battery and can fit inside a 10 cm box.

According to the team, the prototype device could function as a collision avoidance system for unmanned drones and vehicles or be incorporated into navigation aids for the visually impaired.

Tiny, Low-Cost Radar Offers Better Navigation

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