Tiny Walking Motor Could Let Robots Build Themselves

Tiny Walking Motor Could Let Robots Build Themselves
An innovative tiny walking motor inspired by amino acids could help pave the way to self-assembling robots.

The walking motor is the newest device born from an idea by MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld, which was inspired by the fact that all living creatures are made up of combinations of only 20 amino acids. Armed with that knowledge, Gershenfeld and his team have been working to create a kit made up of 20 basic parts that could be assembled into any technological product needed.

The latest creation—the walking motor—features an appendage that can be used to turn a gear or move the motor itself forward. The tiny motor can also lift seven times its weight and, most impressively, can be scaled up to work on very small as well as very large projects.

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Also tools for tight places might build themselves around a control unit.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on July 19, 2019

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