Torso Simulator Tests Back Braces

Torso Simulator Tests Back Braces
A 3D-printed human torso simulator offers a safe and effective way to test back braces before they are worn by humans.

The simulator, hailed as the first of its kind, was developed by a team from from the University of Lancaster with the goal of mimicking the geometry and physical characteristics of a human torso. The device’s life-sized spine and rib cage can fitted with prototype back braces in order to test the braces’ effects on extension, flexing and bending, and the system’s spine can also be altered to simulate the effects of scoliosis. Although the braces would still need to be tested on humans, the torso simulator reduces volunteer discomfort and helps speed development.

Torso Simulator Tests Back Braces

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My Name is Salvadore Capitano and i been inventing since the 1980s, One of my first inventions was the musical Pacifer i drew it and made a prototype of my idea, back then they did not have computers , so i needed money to do a patent seach and for patent, My father new a man and told me he might be interested and he had deep pockets. I met with mr. deep pockets and sure enough he loved my idea he told me he would fly to china and get a better price to have them manufactured there. It took a couple of months and i finally got a back and he told me he wanted to met up with me that he had somthing imported to show me, I still remember my drive to his office thinking this was it he probally had the first musical pacifier made and wanted to show me. when i arrive there, He gave me a new product magazine and on the cover was my musical pacifier, just like i drew but this one you could unscrew and take apart to wash, So the electronic parts would not get wet and i was thinking this is even better, But he told me the bad news not fake news bad news that the musical pacifier i was looking at was not mine that he seen it going through his mail, you dont realize it when you think of ideas you dont see it out on the market you think you thought of a great invention, But what you dont realize there are millions of people in this world and you never know they might be thinking of the same ideas you thinking.
Posted by sammy capitano on August 5, 2019

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