Triple Spin Washing Machine Washes Separate Loads Simultaneously

Triple Spin Washing Machine Washes Separate Loads Simultaneously
The Triple Spin washing machine concept would save energy and time by allowing separate loads of laundry to be washed at the same time.

The Triple Spin is made up of three stacked compartments with side doors that open individually. The top of the machine holds the Detergent Cabinet, where detergent is stored and automatically added to each load of laundry, and the touch buttons and LCD screen allow the user to control the settings and the check the status of each load.

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Really a good item. Please let me have complete details with prices
Posted by SHAHID JAMEEL on February 24, 2015
I am interested in this for distribution and representation in Nigeria. Please provide complete details and prices and Product Representation details if currently available.
Posted by Mayowa Oluwagbamila on February 25, 2015

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