TurboTrack RFID System Improves Robot Accuracy

TurboTrack RFID System Improves Robot Accuracy
The TurboTrack system from MIT relies on RFID tags to help robots track objects with unprecedented precision.

The TurboTrack system, which could replace computer vision in some situations, works via the application of RFID tags on the selected objects. The tags provide a signal that allows the robot to locate the object, even if the item of out of the line of sight or lost in a fast-moving or cluttered environment. According to the team, the TurboTrack system can locate a tagged object within 7.5 milliseconds and with an error of range of under a centimeter.

The RFID tags are also inexpensive, and could be used in warehouses as well as on fleets of drones, augmenting and even stepping in when computer vision would fail.

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This would also increase safety in human, tool and robot integrations where the extremities could be noticed unbrokenly. For the second AI can already play many games, but is it used to coach for example snooker trainees? While MR-glasses would pick the best ball, tags on the cue would help to aim and tune power.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on February 26, 2019

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