Ultra-Thin Wearable Offers Comfortable Robot Control

Ultra-Thin Wearable Offers Comfortable Robot Control
An innovative, ultra-thin electronic wearable almost imperceptible to the user could significantly improve human-machine communications.

The team from the University of Houston describes their flexible wearable as “a metal oxide semiconductor on a polymer base.” The device can be manufactured on the large scale and at relatively low temperatures, and is no more noticeable to the wearer than a typical Band-Aid. In addition to functioning as a comfortable and long-term health and activity monitor, the device could also be worn by the human as a way to direct physical commands to a robot or other machine interface.

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How much do Wireless (Aug-1-2019) and Ultra-Thin (Aug-3-2019) have businesses with exoskeletons and similar concepts? Are there already gripping gloves for old people?
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on August 9, 2019

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