Unique Sugar Dispenser

Unique Sugar Dispenser
The world's first, and most beautiful sugar dispenser with a simple built-in measuring system. Its unique double bend, reinvented and timeless design makes sure that you get the same hygienic amount of sugar (one teaspoon) every time you use it!

Made for coffee & tea lovers and gourmets worldwide.

The revolutionary & iconic design was created with passion. An eyecatcher, art piece and stylish addition for every kitchen & table. You have the perfect, modern and trendy coffee machine at home, the designer tableware. Nearly it seems to be perfect, if there wasn't that boring, unimaginative and half-functioning sugar dispenser, the sugar box or sugar cubes which disturb the idyll and aesthetic of the table.

This was the reason for us to (r)evolutionize the style how you present and serve sugar.

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Someone using regularly other sweeteners or less sugar? Could this be adjusted with some material which can be removed afterwards?
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on March 3, 2017
Dear Uolevi,
pureZed has a built-in and double-bend system, so the amount will be every time you use it one teaspoon of sugar. If you want less sugar you must interrupt the pouring process.
Best regards
Posted by Juergen pureZed on March 3, 2017

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