Unsinkable Swimsuits Filled with Bubbles

Unsinkable Swimsuits Filled with Bubbles
A new, unsinkable swimsuit line keeps the wearer above water via a collection of tiny air bubbles in the lining.

Created by designer Katerina Semenko and inventor Valery Griaznov, the swimsuits were inspired by the fact that humans naturally float when our lungs are full of air. The suits are embedded with tubes filled with tiny air bubbles (which the team calls the Uslon Guarding system), and are inexpensive to manufacture. The added bit of buoyancy helps keep the wearer above water, and the suits are not affected by punctures.

Unsinkable Swimsuits Filled with Bubbles

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Dear sir,
Pl send me the details of the swimsuit. I can introduce to Indian companies to sale your idea to them.
Posted by subhash nirmal on May 29, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am really like unsinkable suit innovation. It is useful for kid begin swim.
So we would like buy this product selling in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
I am looking for your reply soon.
Many thanks.
Terry Phu
Posted by Terry Phu on August 11, 2016
pls let me know the availability ,like to persue this as a business-james
Posted by james lam lam on February 2, 2017
Please send more information on this invention. I am interested in purchasing and selling this item.
Posted by Tony Milo on August 6, 2017
Are these swimsuits for sale? And where can I purchase them?
Posted by Francess Hannay on September 12, 2018
Where can I buy it?
Posted by Cooki Mariotti on July 21, 2019
I am intersted in this product and i would like to buy one of uninkable Floating Swim Shorts. Can i purchas in Europe or in scndinavia
Zaharan Abdeen
Posted by Ahamed Abdeen on July 28, 2019

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