US-1 Quadcopter Stays Aloft for Two Hours

US-1 Quadcopter Stays Aloft for Two Hours
The ‘battery-first’ US-1 quadcopter drone from Impossible Aerospace boasts unprecedented flight times of up to two hours.

Most drones are limited by their relatively short 30-minute flight time, which requires the operator bring extra batteries or land for recharging. To give drones more time in the sky, the team from Impossible Aerospace created a quadcopter drone using a ‘battery-first’ design idea. The US-1 drone is described as a flying battery that relies on its energy source as its primary structure. With its 1.2 kWh of Li-ion cells, the 15-pound drone can carry a payload of almost three pounds for up to 78 minutes, and up to two hours with no cargo on board.

According to CEO Spencer Gore, the US-1 is “… the first aircraft designed properly from the ground up to be electric, using existing battery cells without compromise… This is how electric aircraft must be built if they are to compete with conventional designs and displace petroleum fuels in aviation."

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