Vapor Bubbles Offer Painless Tattooing

Vapor Bubbles Offer Painless Tattooing
A new laser-based tattooing method replaces the traditional needles with ultra-fast microjets of ink.

As health monitoring tattoos continue to move toward reality, the demand for a safer, less painful method of applying the tattoos will grow as well. Anticipating this call, the team from the University of Twente created a microjet injection technique that eliminates needles. Instead, the tattoo ink is contained within a chamber, where it is heated by a laser to above boiling, causing a vapor bubble to form. The pressure from that bubble then pushes the liquid ink out of the chamber at speeds over 220 mph in a tiny jet the diameter of a human hair, which allows the ink to painlessly penetrate the skin.

Vapor Bubbles Offer Painless Tattooing

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