Vava Dash Cam Records the Accident Before it Happens

Vava Dash Cam Records the Accident Before it Happens
The wireless Vava Das Cam invention detects a collision and records the incident automatically—easing insurance claims.

The Vava camera boasts a low-profile design, and continually captures 1080p HD video in 140 degrees of view. When the device’s onboard 3-axis G-sensor detects the motions that indicate an impact, the system will automatically save the video it has been continually re-writing at five seconds before the event occurred. Along with its built-in storage, the Vava Dash Cam also communicates wirelessly with a paired smartphone, allowing users to watch live footage or share videos and images.

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Hi, we are interested in selling this product in India.please connect if you are interested in exploring the business proposition. Also would like to know how it is different for the ones that are already available in the market.
Saunjay Jairath
Posted by Saunjay Jairath on February 2, 2017

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