Vibrant Geometric Pencil Sharpener

Vibrant Geometric Pencil Sharpener
Meet the Co-Box, an electric pencil sharpener, minimal and geometric by design that is a worthy addition to every design nerd’s desk. The design is a white square shape, accentuated by an orange circle, reminiscent of the button we would see on our Braun machines. The circle also acts as an entry point for your pencil. The shavings get collected in a transparent box, to be disposed of at your conveniece. The design history of our 20th century is filled with iconic design moments, each one a point in time when the object became a part of our everyday life, almost seamlessly. This sharpener encapsulates the same timeless spirit and just like you hang your favorite posters on your wall, every designer holds an object by their iconic design mentors on their desk.

Simplicity, excellence, and functionality, these are the pillar of good design, and maybe having this sharpener on your desk will remind you to stay decluttered in your design philosophy, the way Dieter Rams envisioned good design should be!

Vibrant Geometric Pencil Sharpener

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