VivaLNK Vital Scout ECG Patch Tracks Stressors

VivaLNK Vital Scout ECG Patch Tracks Stressors
The wearable Vital Scout ECG patch from VivaLNK continuously monitors the wearer’s heart rate to identify daily stressors.

The lightweight Vital Scout adheres to the skin of the chest, where it can be worn under the clothing to monitor heart rate variability—which can be an indicator of stress. That data, along with collected information such as respiratory rate and physical activity level, is transmitted to a paired device where a companion app will display a graph of the wearer’s stress levels over time. The Vital Scout system app will also alert the user in real time when they are experiencing a high level of stress.

According to the VivaLNK team, the ECG technology of the Vital Scout offers a more accurate stress-tracker than current wrist-worn devices.

VivaLNK Vital Scout ECG Patch Tracks Stressors

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