Waffle Towel

Waffle Towel
Most of the time when we are ready to shower, our towel isn’t.

All it has to do is absorb excess water quickly, dry-out between uses, be durable and soft at the same time. Do we expect too much? The team behind K-25 Smart Bath towels spent years in research and development to finally create one: a giant waffle weave towel that soaks water as a super-sponge. They have a big community of cult-like following around the world, for a reason.

Design similar to our breakfast favorite waffle comes with a load of benefits. The waffle texture gently exfoliates your skin, while the waffle honeycombs help the towel easily absorb all the water in one quick pass. It also dries itself twice faster, thanks to an airy weave and breathability. Being surprisingly lightweight, but feels thick, fluffy and soft to the skin. Great for the hair too, as it soaks all the moisture quickly eliminating the frizz. The towels are generously sized, so you can easily wipe your entire body with it, and comfortably wrap it around your waist when you’re done.

Waffle Towel

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