Waterlily Generates Power from Water and Wind

Waterlily Generates Power from Water and Wind
The tidy, portable Waterlily turbine can generate power to charge USB devices from moving water or the wind.

Developed by Seaformatics, the Waterlily turbine is smaller than most off-grid power generators, at only 1.8 pounds and 7 inches in diameter. The sleek little device can generate power from water currents and wind, with peak efficiency at 4.5 mph water currents and 45 mph winds. The Waterlily can also be towed behind a watercraft to generate its power, and the team plans to add a hand crank for when there is neither water nor wind available.

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Can the waterlily turbine be used to charge batteries?
Posted by Carolyn Abbott on April 22, 2017
WOW. THIS IS AMAZING... how, where, when and how much ???? can't wait to try one :)
Posted by JAN PREW on April 23, 2017
This is progress.
Posted by Cole Moore on April 27, 2017
A great Idea.
What is the expected optimal power output?
Posted by Robert Parker on May 18, 2017
When and how much
Posted by Larry Marshall on June 2, 2017
love it
Posted by Michael Gallagher on June 26, 2017
When will I be able to buy one
Posted by Larry Marshall on June 27, 2017

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