Wearable Microphone

Wearable Microphone
Working from home is part of our current reality due to COVID-19. The use of online video conference platforms such as Zoom is the new normal, whether it’s for school, work, doctor’s appointments, etc.

The laptop’s built-in microphone isn’t the best and requires people to speak louder than usual, in order to be heard.

The Hooke Lav was created to solve that very problem- it is a wireless, wearable microphone that transmits professional-grade sound. You can just clip the mic on whenever you need to speak, and it will instantly make your voice loud and clear. With an app to pair with its hardware and seven hours battery life, Hooke Lav is the new device we all need to optimize working from home.

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It might also control a flying camera. Walking perhaps is too demanding, but at least it would allow change seat.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on October 30, 2020

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