Wearble Personal Thermostat Patch

Wearble Personal Thermostat Patch
A wearable patch that provides temperature regulation could save energy by functioning as a personal thermostat.

Still in the proof-of-concept phase, the patch was developed by a team from UCSD by sandwiching thermoelectric alloys between flexible elastomer sheets. The battery-powered band can be worn on the arm, where it will heat or cool the skin as the wearer chooses. The device is also lightweight and flexible enough to be incorporated into clothing, and the team is currently working creating patches that can be made into a vest.

According to study lead Renkun Chen, a professor, “If wearing this device can make you feel comfortable within a wider temperature range, you won’t need to turn down the thermostat as much in the summer or crank up the heat as much in the winter.”

Wearble Personal Thermostat Patch

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