WIO Software Uses Wi-Fi to Improve Indoor Navigation

WIO Software Uses Wi-Fi to Improve Indoor Navigation
The WIO software system uses Wi-Fi and accelerometers to track devices indoors in near-real-time.

The Wi-Fi assisted Inertial Odometry (WIO) system was created by a team from South Carolina University as an improvement over current inertial measurement units, which can suffer from easily exaggerated errors. To offer a more precise method of tracking movement, the WIO system works in conjunction with IMUs, and can track how far an object has moved by using Wi-Fi as a velocity sensor. The team describes the technology as similar to sonar—using radio waves instead of sound waves.

In tests using a prototype device with the WIO system installed, the indoor navigation margin of error dropped from as much as 49 percent to a range between 5.9 and 10.5 percent.

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