Wireless Electrodes Improve Prosthetic Performance

Wireless Electrodes Improve Prosthetic Performance
Wireless, implanted electrodes could offer much more delicate control over prosthetic limbs.

The implantable wireless system was created by an international team to overcome some of the limitations of conventional wired systems. In tests on three amputee volunteers, the researchers implanted electrodes near the major nerves and muscles of the stump. After about two years had passed, the volunteers reported improved control over their prosthetic limbs and wanted to continue with the system.

According to Co-author Professor Dario Farina, “Although this was demonstrated in only three people, the results are promising. From here, we hope to test the technique on more amputees to refine our method and make sure it’s fit to be used in more people with amputations.”

Wireless Electrodes Improve Prosthetic Performance

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How much do Wireless (Aug-1-2019) and Ultra-Thin (Aug-3-2019) have businesses with exoskeletons and similar concepts? Are there already gripping gloves for old people?
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on August 9, 2019

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