Xbandage Guides Application with AR

Xbandage Guides Application with AR
Developed with joint injuries in mind, the AR-aided Xbandage guides the user through the correct application to promote better healing.

Recently receiving a James Dyson Award, the Xbandage was created with an eye toward the fitness movement and the increase in injuries that can bring.

According to the team, though many people may use elastic tape to wrap injured joints, not as many know the correct way to cut and apply the tape. To promote healing, the Xbandage therapeutic elastic tape features a companion app that guides the user step-by-step to illustrate the bandage’s application in real time, based on the specific injury. The app also includes professional advice to avoid a second injury, while the bandage-based system helps reduce the use of drugs to combat pain.

Xbandage Guides Application with AR

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