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Syngenta Crop Challenge is Now Open!

Syngenta Crop Challenge is Now Open!

The population of Earth is growing daily and our world is running out of land needed to produce food. Meanwhile, the crops farmers plant face escalating challenges due to increasingly variable growing conditions and climate change. Enter the Syngenta Crop Challenge and put your analytical skills to the test for a chance to win up to $5,000.
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Public Challenge: Bath 'n' Fun

Public Challenge: Bath 'n' Fun

Primi Sogni is looking for new project solutions for a foldable baby bath/changing unit for home use, dedicated to babies between 0 and 36 months, with a special attention to its usability, space saving capability – when folded – and designed with a view to its industrialisation. Submit your design today for a chance to win $4700 US.
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Blog: An Open Innovation Blueprint

Curb Transactional Open Innovation and Embrace an Integrated Ecosystem Strategy. Read the latest blog by Planbox CEO, Ludwig Melik. Read It Here

Patent For Sale: Telling Stories in Multiple Streams Simultaneously

A method of telling stories in multiple streams simultaneously. The streams would be synchronized to allow the viewer the ability to switch between the channels. Learn More

Rotating Hand Dryer

The Universal Dryer, known as U dryer, focuses on making hand drying usable for everyone who walks into the washroom. It comes with a simple rotational feature, so adults, kids and handicaped people are able to use it. Learn More

Space-Based Innovation: What Now And What Next?

Unlocking the potential of space to solve problems on Earth and beyond. Read how Maxar Technologies thinks about the future of Space-Based Innovation. Read More
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