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Sign Up to Participate in the Syngenta Crop Challenge

Sign Up to Participate in the Syngenta Crop Challenge

The population of Earth is growing daily and our world is running out of land needed to produce food. Meanwhile, the crops farmers plant face escalating challenges due to increasingly variable growing conditions and climate change. Developing models that can predict the performance of potential corn products can help scientists more accurately select seeds that increase the productivity of the crops farmers plant – and will help address the growing global food demand. Sign up today to help Syngenta feed the future world.
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Design Challenge - Laundry Tool Design

Design Challenge - Laundry Tool Design

Desall invites you to design new tools for collecting and removing the dirt from the water used to hand wash clothes. People living in those parts of the world suffering from water scarcity and poor water quality could take advantage of flocculation technologies for purifying/clarifying the water before washing their laundry by hand. Participate in Desall's design challenge today!
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INVENTION: Nifty Aromatherapy

A sleep aid device that engages multiple senses with a combination of light, sound, and aromatherapy. Its three modes, Sleep, Relax, and Focus work to bring down your stress levels. Read More

INVENTION: Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet has LED strips that provide maximum visibility to the biker. It also comes with minimalist vents for easy air-circulation, as well as a weatherproof fabric liner. See How It Works

Digital Tools Are Revolutionizing Mental Health Care in the U.S.

Innovative mental health vendors are combining digital tools and virtual care to create a robust ecosystem for end-to-end patient care. Learn How

Trust: The Key To Accelerating Innovation And Results

Explore self-trust and the trust of others and how these relate to accountability, innovation and results. Read More
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