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Sign Up to Participate in the Syngenta Crop Challenge

Sign Up to Participate in the Syngenta Crop Challenge

The population of Earth is growing daily and our world is running out of land needed to produce food. Meanwhile, the crops farmers plant face escalating challenges due to increasingly variable growing conditions and climate change. Developing models that can predict the performance of potential corn products can help scientists more accurately select seeds that increase the productivity of the crops farmers plant – and will help address the growing global food demand. Sign up today to help Syngenta feed the future world.
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Barilla Packaging Design Challenge

Barilla Packaging Design Challenge

Barilla and Desall invite you to design new packaging experience solutions dedicated to their Pesto sauce for the US market. The objective is to imagine a new experience, answering the following question posed by Barilla “How can we imprint in the US consumer the concept of Pesto = Barilla through its packaging?”.
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INVENTION FOR SALE: 3D Printable Helmet

Welcome to a world without Ugly Helmets. Their mission is to create cutting-edge, modern, and sleek personal protective equipment (PPE) with multi-market uses. Read More

PATENT FOR SALE: Aircraft Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Software System

Safety is a key technical issue in aviation industry. This patent presents a comprehensive statistical method and very useful ideas for assessment and evaluation of safety level of all aircraft subsystems Learn More

Collaborating with Someone You Don’t Really Know

Taking a step back to get to know your colleague will help you get to know each other better and work together more effectively. Learn How

It’s Time for Innovation or Stagnation

How do you prepare your business for what’s next, and how do you balance risk-reward? Read this article to find out!
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