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Only 1 Week Left to Participate!

Only 1 Week Left to Participate!

The population of Earth is growing daily and our world is running out of land needed to produce food. Meanwhile, the crops farmers plant face escalating challenges due to increasingly variable growing conditions and climate change. Developing models that can predict the performance of potential corn products can help scientists more accurately select seeds that increase the productivity of the crops farmers plant – and will help address the growing global food demand. Sign up today to help Syngenta feed the future world.
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Easi Remote Control Transmitter - International Competition

Easi Remote Control Transmitter - International Competition

Domus Line and Desall invite you to design a wireless portable transmitter for the remote control of lighting fixtures. This product will have a circular shape and allow you to control and manage their brightness and colour temperature. The transmitter shall be easy to install in the home environment thanks to a specific support for wall fixing. You have until March 2nd to upload your designs.
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PATENT FOR SALE: Scaffolding Tray

This tray will help keep the deck of scaffolding or lifts free of tools and will add to operator safety. Read More

PATENT FOR SALE: Flat-Screen Display Wall Mount Cover

A flat-screen display wall mount cover protects exposed cables and equipment behind a television or other mounted monitor. See How It Works

AI+ 2021 Launch Event

Ideal for job seekers from both the tech and business fields to engage with top employers in the data science field and open up amazing career opportunities Learn More

Time to Reinvent: 5 Tips for Boosting Creativity and Innovation

Here's how creativity and innovation can give you a competitive advantage. Read More
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