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New Public Challenge: Tableware Collection Design

New Public Challenge: Tableware Collection Design

DOpla and Desall invite you to design a new reusable tableware collection in plastic dedicated to large-scale retail trade and imagined for continuous use over time. The shapes and aesthetics should therefore disconnect from the classic disposable product, to embrace a new concept of durable and sustainable product. Click below to learn more about this public challenge!
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ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2021

ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2021

Are you ready to learn new skills, connect to the data science community and accelerate your career? ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2021 is one of the largest applied data science conferences. Learn more by clicking the link below.
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PATENT FOR SALE: Skateboard Lighting Apparatus

Turn an otherwise conventional skateboard, into a skateboard with more entertainment and enjoyment with this lighting apparatus. Read More

INVENTION FOR SALE: Covid-19 Seat Barrier

A plastic barrier for stadium chairs, event seats, pews and benches that will allow events, shows and stadiums to reopen for events worldwide during a pandemic. See How It Works

Reuters Events Ridership Week

Join us to identify the business models, infrastructural requirements and public/private partnerships that reduce emissions and enable the safe movement of people, goods and services. Learn More

You Are Thinking Of Technology And Innovation In The Wrong Way

Technology is a rich platform for innovation and for making the next better iteration. And for that, we need to identify the technologies which are Exciting, Meaningful, and Doable. Learn How
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