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World Summit on Hematology

World Summit on Hematology

This congress is expected to be the largest and best platform for all the Scientists, Hematologists, Oncologists, Pathologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Research Scholars, Business Professionals, Students who are working in the field of Hematology. The theme of the conference is Defining a New Outlook and Forefront Research in Hematology. Hematology 2021 includes speaker talks, brief keynote presentations, workshops and exhibitions, where researchers and associations will exchange ideas and discuss the methodology for new Diagnostics and treatment methods for Hematologic Disorders, Management and Care of Patients, new approaches emerging in Hematology, etc.
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International Conference On Green Energy, Materials Science & Recycling

International Conference On Green Energy, Materials Science & Recycling

International Conference on Green Energy, Materials Science & Recycling warmly welcomes each one of the individuals and supporters from worldwide to attend during December 08-09, 2021 in Dubai, UAE, which will emphasize on the theme ‘Green Energy: Brightening Up the Sustainable World’. Scientific sessions on Green Energy 2021 which includes Green energy, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology, Green Processing and Solar Energy, Biomass and Bioenergy, Climate Change, Material Science and Technology, Batteries and Fuel cells, Metals and Metallurgy, Materials Chemistry, Electronic Materials, Graphene and 2D Materials.
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Welcome the TissueCupper

No more searching the tissue box under the seats, no more finding it crushed, dirty and stepped on. Check Out This Patent for Sale

A Zero-Waste Food Container

A fully compostable food container that creates a conversation around our high-consumption habits and the negative effect they have on our environment. Learn More

A New Kind of Toothbrush

Switch is an award-winning toothbrush design with sustainability at its core. It allows you to replace only the brush head and keep the long-lasting metal handle. Learn How

A New Model to Spark Innovation Inside Big Companies

Intrapreneurs and the companies that back them would benefit if there were a different funding mechanism available to support their efforts. Read More
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