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Healthcare Strategy in a Post-COVID world

Healthcare Strategy in a Post-COVID world

During and after the global pandemic, healthcare has been in the spotlight. Now, as we try to reclaim some semblance of normalcy, it is time to “get back to business as usual” in the healthcare world. But what is that? How do we build, re-build and execute strategies as boards demand that we are more prepared for anything, with less money? How do we fight burn out with our staff once all the pats on the back stop? Most importantly, how do we assure the public that we are prepared, for anything, and their trust in the health care system can be strengthened?
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Global Conference on Sensors and Sensing Technology

Global Conference on Sensors and Sensing Technology

PAGES extends you the enormous pleasure and the honor of inviting you to attend the Global Conference on Sensors and Sensing Technology (GCSST-2022) that will be hosted from March 10-12, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. The overarching goal of GCSST-2022 is to unravel the benefits and emerging applications through the evidence-based lectures from a broad spectrum of selected presenters across industry and academia in the emerging field of Sensors and Sensing Technology to foster the progress by contributing with your expertise and to build the future generations of sensors.
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Patent for Sale: Transparent Face Masks

With thousands tested and sold across the U.S, this face mask is N95 compatible and is reusable. Read More

Do You Second Guess Your Photography?

This technology determines whether your photos are pleasant to look at by the human eye. Check Out This Patent for Sale

An Indoor Fire that uses Rubbing Alcohol

For ambiance at the dinner table & even roasting marshmallows, the FLÎKR Fire2 brings warmth and light. Learn How

5 Simple Ways To Spur Innovation While WFH

Sow the seeds of innovation now so you can bring them to life in fall. Read More
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