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Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022 Conference

Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022 Conference

Corvus Global Events invites you to 4th Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022 - Supply-chain, Drug Serialization and Anti-Counterfeiting conference, which will have Pharma industry experts sharing various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas, the conference will also offer opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations. In this conference you’ll not only discover innovative technologies, transformation strategies and collaboration methods, but how best to implement them to optimise your supply chain processes and strategies for drug anti-counterfeiting.
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IT NonStop 2021

IT NonStop 2021

IT NonStop 2021 will run for 3 days: November 18–20. The working language of IT NonStop is English. However, sections aimed at novice specialists will be conducted mostly in Russian. IT NonStop 2021 is free of charge. The program of one of the days consists entirely of workshops and introductory lectures for beginner IT specialists.
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Screening for Risk of Falling in the Elderly

An exercise machine that detects and prevents our elderly falling. Read More

Wind Transformer

A wind transformer comprises a differential vertical wind turbine and a vertical parallel propeller. See How It Works

Smart Ring

A smart ring capable of detecting drunk cab drivers, and keeping the passengers informed in advance. Learn How

The Envoy Helmet

The Envoy Helmet design takes on both preventive as well as protective measures to safeguard the rider. Learn More
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