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Future Smart Cities 5th Edition

Future Smart Cities 5th Edition

Smart cities use information and communication technologies to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public, and improve the quality of government services and the well-being of citizens. Their mission is to enhance the functions of the city, thereby promoting economic growth and improving citizens' quality of life through the use of smart technology. IEREK, understanding the importance of smart cities, has organized the 5th edition of the "Future Smart City" International Conference. A large number of researchers and stakeholders gather to discuss how building a smart city fosters sustainability and which challenges and concerns need to be considered when investing in services and infrastructure supporting the city to be more livable.
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Auto Tech 2022

Auto Tech 2022

Connected cars are a new norm in the automotive industry, driven by customers who seek experiences that are an extension of their everyday lives. A connected future offers opportunities to deliver a personalized driving and ownership experience whilst improving safety. As automotive tech evolves, the industry can tap into new safety features and create vehicles that outperform human error by minimizing the wrong decisions made on the road. Join us at this year's Auto Tech 2022 so together, we can deliver a more connected and safer world.
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The Sweet Sak

A lightweight bag that can hold almost anything. It can easily be opened up and also compacted for travel. Learn More Here

A Drone to Deal With Mosquitoes

A drone that kills mosquitoes and farm pests without pesticides. See How It Works

The Germs Interceptor

Germs Interceptor is a disinfection station designed to keep viruses, bacteria outside of your house. Learn How

Crayons from Food Waste

Oyasai Crayons use this food waste by collecting it and converting it into colors for the crayons. Read More
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