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ODSC West 2022

ODSC West 2022

The ODSC West in-person conference will feature expert-led, hands-on instruction in in-demand topics and tools, including: NLP, Python, Responsible AI, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Conversational AI, OpenAI, Cybersecurity, Data Visualization, scikit-learn, MLOps, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to dust off your social skills and reconnect with peers and colleagues during our networking and social events.
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Pharmacovigilance World 2022 Virtual Conference

Pharmacovigilance World 2022 Virtual Conference

The Pharmacovigilance World 2022 – Virtual conference will provide a platform for the participants to discuss, share and stay updated with present state of affairs in Pharmacovigilance and Drug safety, and how it contributes to the public health. It will also allow all its participants to interact with the experts, discuss the various developments, challenges faced and innovations in the field. Our Pharmacovigilance conferences are known for bringing the world-class leaders together to connect, learn and network. The conference will bring-forth the participants and the representatives from various fields of pharmacovigilance and drug safety under a common umbrella, and will provide them an opportunity to network with various industry professionals including pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, CROs and PV service providers.
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Safety System for Firearms

A firearm enabling and disabling electronic system comprising a base unit and a safety device adapted to be incorporated into a firearm. Check Out This Patent for Sale

The Right Level®

The Right Level® requires only one user to not only quickly verify if a long object is horizontal or vertical but also to easily determine if the angle of the intersection of two long objects is 90 degrees. See How It Works

Revolution Rolling Pack

The system is composed of three modular bags that you can combine together in different ways or use apart as the case warrants. Learn How

Elastic Hinge Eyeglasses

The basic concept is to thread an elastic cord in the channels of the glasses frame. The glasses themselves are made through SLA 3D printing technology and so they were also able to take advantage of the small inner channels in both the frames and the handles. Read More
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