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Global Energy Transition 2023

Global Energy Transition 2023

Amidst complex geopolitical tensions, evolving supply chains and catalyzed technological development, the global energy transition has reached a critical inflection point. Against this uncertainty, are we realizing the commitments we have set ourselves? Join 750+ executive decision-makers to re-invent the energy transition at Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023 (07 – 08 June, New York). Together, we will unite energy, industrial, and government world leaders to redefine intersectoral net-zero discourse and confront the most business-critical challenges that our industry is facing, together.
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Global Clinical Trials Connect 2023

Global Clinical Trials Connect 2023

The Global Clinical Trials Connect 2023 will provide a platform to discuss the futuristic advancements in clinical trials and clinical research. This multidisciplinary program involves broad participation of people from the clinical trials community from around the globe who are focused on learning more about clinical research, clinical trials planning and management. It is time that we look into innovative strategies, new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address these issues, which can cater to the needs of the patient and the industry.
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Tarp Gripper

Tarp Grips are designed to give you a quick solution when you need to tie a rope, secure a tarp, secure a cable, or hang any kind of roof covering to create a canopy. Read More

Long Neck Bottle Adaptors

The adapter fits into the existing screw on top and covers the exposed portion of the cans and bottles to maintain beverage temperature until the last drop. See How It Works


This tiny razor-sterilizer both holds and disinfects your shaving razor before as well as after use. Learn How


A cutting board with a cutout that serves as a holding place for cut and chopped pieces, as well as a sort of funnel when you have to pour the contents over to some container. Read More
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