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ISPIM Innovation Conference 2023

ISPIM Innovation Conference 2023

The ISPIM Innovation Conference 2023, “Innovation and Circular Economy”, is a three-day event that brings together world-renowned experts on innovation management. Researchers, managers, business and thought leaders will share insights on innovation management hot-topics, with a particular focus on innovation and circular economy. Engage with fellow innovation professionals from academia, industry, consulting and the public sector in a truly diverse event with over 500 delegates from across the globe. Take part in workshops, hot-topic discussions and discussion panels as well as sessions on the latest academic research results and industry cases. Hear from leading innovation thought leaders and learn about the thriving innovation ecosystem in Slovenia - and, of course, experience ISPIM's great networking events at fantastic venues throughout "the most beautiful city in the world"!
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Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 7th Edition

Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 7th Edition

The “Cities Identity through Arts and Architecture” conference envelops topics concerning the conservation of cities’ identities through arts and architecture. It addresses multiple topics of contention concerning cities’ heritage and conservation efforts, such as the influence of artistic expression and creativity on cities’ safety, traditional artistic techniques & architecture, historical eras, and their construction practices, and sustainable preservation practices. The conference additionally highlights a special issue that deliberates upon Andalusian art and architecture, and its everlasting influence on contemporary architectural practices in the Mediterranean region, through Moorish and Arab constructions.
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Subsurface Irrigation Nozzle With Adjustable Length

An irrigation system for plants that can be adjusted, assembled, and installed in the ground to water at the appropriate depth. Check Out This Patent for Sale

Insect Traps

Plant pest trap that controls insect populations by several methods of absorption (light, odor, color). See How It Works

The Slapstick Smart Bicycle Lock

This smart lock snaps around your bicycle frame, with a belt-like locking mechanism that adjusts to match any size bicycle frame. Learn More


A smart ring that does everything a smartwatch can and more. Learn How
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