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Reuters Events: Automotive Retail 2023

Reuters Events: Automotive Retail 2023

The automotive retail industry is changing at a rapid pace with levels of innovation unseen since the invention of the combustion engine. It’s time to embrace change and move into a future where the car-buying experience is digital-first, personalized and customer-centric. Let’s rethink the role of the dealership and ensure we’re ready for this seismic shift. Reuters Events: Automotive Retail 2023 unites senior OEM and dealership executives who will take to the stage to set North America’s retail agenda for years to come.
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CME HeartCare and Cardiovascular Medicine Conference

CME HeartCare and Cardiovascular Medicine Conference

Cardiovascular diseases contribute to over 17.5 million around the world deaths each year. A huge rate of the common public within the society is suffering from heart diseases like arrhythmia, heart failure, stroke, hypertension, etc. which is the leading cause of death in the world. CME accredited HeartCare and Cardiovascular Medicine Conference is an initiative established to spread awareness about the healthy heart and disease-related information in the community for disease prevention and management.
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A Method for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

An improved condensing system utilizing the magnetocaloric effect is used to enhance Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion systems. Read More

OHealth H1

OHealth H1 is actually packed with health features equivalent to six diagnostic tools. See How It Works

The Sprig Shower Infusion System

A device that can be attached to any shower head, which lets you add aromatic pods. Learn How It's Possible

Custom Branded Ice Cubes

The Clear Ice Embosser is a metal receptacle that ‘brands’ your ice with the logo or motif of your choice. Read More
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