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Green Urbanism (GU) – 7th edition

Green Urbanism (GU) – 7th edition

The 7th “Green Urbanism (GU)” conference brings about a healthy discourse on topics pertaining to the concept of green urbanism, environmental resilience, and the implementation of sustainable urban planning techniques. GU covers topics depicting contemporary innovations in waste management, sustainable energy resources, urbanization of rural areas, and green urban transit. The conference peers further into the concept of Green Urbanism, discussing environmental conscious design on a building scale by utilizing climate-responsive architecture and regenerative design, and on a logistical scale by deliberating upon transit hubs, supply chains, and freight transport.
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Global Energy Transition 2023

Global Energy Transition 2023

We must critically evaluate the status of the energy transition and ask the hardest question around the reality, commitment, and pathways to a net-zero future. Are we on the right track? Are we setting realistic and tactical goals? Can the gaps be bridged by action and technology? Does the industry need a new agenda? Join 750+ executive decision-makers to re-invent the energy transition at Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023 on June 7th & 8th in New York. Together, we will unite energy, industrial, and government world leaders to redefine intersectoral net-zero discourse and confront the most business-critical challenges that our industry is facing, together.
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UPTY Shoe Enhancer

A patent that turns low cut shoes to high top support. Check Out This Patent for Sale

A Selfie Stick with a Microphone

An HD microphone and a selfie stick gives you a recording studio in the palm of your hand! Learn More

Smart Punching Bag

The I-Perskin is equipped with LEDs, sensors, and a microcontroller, and makes training more effective by giving you actual targets to punch. Learn How

Nuwa Pen

The Nuwa has a built-in motion sensor that captures what you’re writing, whether it’s a post-it note or a full-length essay, and saves a digital version of it, sharing it with you through the Nuwa app. Read More
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