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Ai4 2023

Ai4 2023

Over three days, Ai4 2023 brings together 1700+ business leaders and data practitioners and 250+ speakers to facilitate the responsible adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in various industries. Join us at the industry’s most impactful AI event.
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Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2023

Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2023

The 6th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI conference brings with it even more interactive sessions, expert speakers, senior professionals and decision makers from leading pharma, bio-tech and healthcare industries. Meet the decision makers, benchmark and learn from real-life use cases to drive organizational change and to understand the new cutting-edge technologies and practical solutions. In this 6th edition as we explore the novel technologies and developments reforming the pharmaceutical industry, we also dive deep into the advances in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, informatics and data science.
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Engine System

An engine system which combines an internal combustion engine with a unique air-cooling system. Check Out This Patent for Sale

The DazeTron

An energy generator based on Faraday’s law. See How It Works


A small boat with a gas-powered furnace, and a jacuzzi all in one. Learn How

The Living O’Pod

The Living O’Pod is an experimental pod house that promotes a better lifestyle through nature. Learn More
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