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Green Urbanism (GU) – 7th edition

Green Urbanism (GU) – 7th edition

The 7th “Green Urbanism (GU)” conference brings about a healthy discourse on topics pertaining to the concept of green urbanism, environmental resilience, and the implementation of sustainable urban planning techniques. GU covers topics depicting contemporary innovations in waste management, sustainable energy resources, urbanization of rural areas, and green urban transit. The conference peers further into the concept of Green Urbanism, discussing environmental conscious design on a building scale by utilizing climate-responsive architecture and regenerative design, and on a logistical scale by deliberating upon transit hubs, supply chains, and freight transport.
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Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 7th Edition

Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 7th Edition

The “Cities Identity through Arts and Architecture” conference envelops topics concerning the conservation of cities’ identities through arts and architecture. It addresses multiple topics of contention concerning cities’ heritage and conservation efforts, such as the influence of artistic expression and creativity on cities’ safety, traditional artistic techniques & architecture, historical eras, and their construction practices, and sustainable preservation practices. The conference additionally highlights a special issue that deliberates upon Andalusian art and architecture, and its everlasting influence on contemporary architectural practices in the Mediterranean region, through Moorish and Arab constructions.
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Heads Up Display Glasses

A device that seamlessly streams notifications and text messages into your field of vision, and looks just like a regular pair of glasses. Learn More Here


A wall-mounted footrest to help in a multitude of ways. See How It Works

Custom Branded Ice Cubes

The Clear Ice Embosser is a metal receptacle that ‘brands’ your ice with the logo or motif of your choice. Read More

Bulge Cutting Board

The Bulge Cutting Board enables single-handed chopping and cutting by stabilizing food. Learn How
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