LG Open Innovation Contest produces 40+ Winning Ideas

Published Jul-14-10

More than 400 submissions resulted in over 40 winners being awarded prizes for new ideas for smartphones.

LG, United States

The Story:

LG Open Innovation Contest produces 40+ Winning Ideas LG Electronics third open innovation contest asked contestants to submit ideas for the next generation cell phone. More than 400 submissions were presented to LG. Of all the ideas submitted, LG deemed 25% of them were "good."

LG awarded 41 winners prizes of $1,000 to $20,000.

A team consisting of Zack Filbert, Chris Carpenter, James Connors, and Kees Luyendijk, four second year industrial design students from the same design class in Virginia Tech, were the first place winners for creating the AL-I concept for a smartphone with one-handed use. The design showcased examples of one-handed use inspired by their own research.

The second place winner, Nouphone Bansasine, designed a mobile phone with a 3D interface that connects phone and car together to adjust in-car climate, entertainment systems, seat memory, tire pressure, and fuel gauge.

Submissions were judged by their level of creativity and originality, need fulfillment and feasibility.

LG was very pleased with the submissions and imagination of the participants, and noted that although they were constantly in communication with their customers, the innovative ideas garnered through their Design the Future competition revealed an entirely different level of imagination.

This was their third competition, and the concept of open innovation contests was validated yet again by the strong user input, and the valuable ideas that LG can turn into viable consumer products and profits.

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