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Published Aug-13-10

Products submitted by the public are developed or rejected depending on member feedback and input, and then sold on the website where ideators and contributors are paid for their participation.

Quirky.com, United States

The Story:

Quirky Collaboration Quirky.com takes the idea of open innovation and crowdsourcing to a whole new level.

You submit your ideas for a new product, and have a community of designers, inventors, engineers and marketers, help you refine the design, build and market the product, and sell it – all on the one website.

Ben Kaufman, originator of the idea, believes that "everyone has a product idea." The site charges a $99 fee to submit an idea, even if it never develops into a product.

Everything from the product's name, to working out production details with manufacturers and suppliers, is tackled by Quirky members and staff.

In order for an idea to become a product it must generate enough pre-orders from the site's online store. Once that hurdle is achieved, it goes into production.

Quirky aims to add one new product concept to its online store every week.

Anyone who collaborated on the produce gets a slice of the revenue when it sells.
Thirty percent of the profits are then given back to the community, with the originator getting the major share, and "influencers" getting a sliver for their input.

Many members stoke presale fever by hyping products on social media sites.

Kaufman has been fascinated with the idea of collaborative development since he was in high school. Instead of seeing a glut of useless objects entering the marketplace, he believes that the Quirky process will ensure that only items the public actually want, make it to the shelves.

A recent example is the Kosoku Dog Leash. It has many novel features such as a reflective surface for extra visibility, a side pocket to hold doggy waste bags and unique shape that fits nicely in your hand.

Take an inside look at how a product gets developed:

The Kosoku is now selling for $37, of which the ideator, Sara Carpenter will receive $3.89. Another $1.83 will be divided among nine influencers and social contributors.

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