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For the pleasure of the innovation community, IdeaConnection includes on its website resources that stimulate interaction, imagination, and invention. These include:

IdeaConnection's Four Resource Centers:


Discover the latest inventions, choose inventions to buy, or post your inventions for sale:
  • New Inventions
  • Buy & Sell Inventions
  • Patent Marketplace
  • Tech Wanted
  • Innovation Videos


From interviews to articles to blogs, books, and newsletters, here's the place for your innovation inspiration:
  • Interviews with Experts
  • Interviews with Solvers
  • Interviews with Facilitators
  • Innovation Articles
  • Innovation Blogs
  • Innovation Books
  • Innovation Newsletters
  • Innovation Software

Resources For Solvers

Resources that help solvers with thinking, entering contests, and community engagement:
  • Thinking Tools
  • Thinking Methods
  • Idea Websites
  • Crowdsourcing Websites
  • Innovation Contests
  • Ideation Contests
  • Prototype Makers
  • Innovative People

Resources for Companies

Choose which conference to attend, which speaker to hire, which innovation partner to work with:
  • Success Stories
  • Corporate Innovators
  • Innovation Conferences
  • Innovation Speakers
  • Open Innovation Intermediaries
  • Tech Scouting Companies
  • Research Labs

For a complete list of the resources available on our website, please visit:

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