Sterilization of Medical Devices Using Expanded Organic Acids

The present invention concerns a process for sterilizing biomedical devices using organic acids expanded by compressed gases to form an "expanded liquid". The term "expanded liquid" means, in the technical literature, an organic solvent that is liquid at room temperature and pressure, modified by dissolution therein of a compressed gas to modify the diffusivity and the surface tension of the liquid compound, while maintaining part of its original In the proposed process the diffusivity and the surface tension of the liquid component is modified while maintaining part of its characteristics, such as the solvent power and the oxidizing ability.; The invention proposes the use of expanded organic acids as sterilizing agents for complex biomedical devices, due to their particular effectiveness, both as a result of their favourable transfer properties (similar to the properties of a gas) and for the oxidizing properties, that can vary in accordance with the composition of the gas-liquid mixture.

WO 2,010,064,272


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