Continuous Process for Microspheres Production By Using Expanded Fluids

The invention concerns a process for the continuous treatment of an emulsion and/or a micro-emulsion assisted by an "expanded liquid' for the production of micro- and/or nano-particles or micro- and/or nano- spheres containing one or more active ingredients. In particular, a liquid solvent expanded by compressed or supercritical CO2 is contacted with an O/W emulsion, or alternatively a W/O emulsion or multiple emulsions, formed by an external phase that is itself a liquid expanded by compressed CO2. The expanded liquid forms a solution with the dispersed phase of the emulsion and extracts it inducing the formation of the desired particles of the dissolved compounds. The process is carried out in a counter-current packed column wherein the expanded emulsion is fed from the top, while the expanded liquid is fed from the bottom.; Thanks to the presence of the expanded liquid, any deposition of the solid particles produced on the packing elements is avoided, thus preventing any column blockage. A suspension of micro-structured particles of the desired product can be collected continuously at the bottom of the column.

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WO 2,009,016,677


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