Control System for a Power Supply

Power supplies are used in numerous devices and applications as sources for voltage and/or current. In some devices, such as mass spectrometers, the accuracy of the voltage output of a power supply is a consideration in the overall performance of the device. Voltage drift and noise can adversely affect the accuracy of the voltage output.

The invention is a control system for a power supply that includes a control circuit and a feedback circuit. The feedback circuit is configured to produce a feedback signal indicative of the voltage of the power supply output. The control circuit is configured to control the power supply based on the feedback signal and a predetermined voltage value to maintain the output of the power supply at the predetermined voltage value. In addition, a portion of the feedback circuit may be included in an isolation shield to improve the accuracy of the feedback circuit.

Output voltage is maintained at the predetermined voltage value.

US 7,253,403

Inventor(s): James P. Reilly and Noah P. Christian

Type of Offer: Licensing

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