Process for Generation of Protein and Uses Thereof

A method of generating a protein with an improved functional property, th e method comprising: (a) identifying at least one Target amino acid Residue in a first protein, wherein said Target amino acid Residue is associated wit h said functional property; (b) comparing at least one homologous second pro tein from the same or a different phylogenetic branch as the first protein w ith the first protein and identifying at least one Variant amino acid Residu e between the first protein and the second protein; (c) selecting at least o ne Candidate amino acid Residue from the Variant amino acid Residue identifi ed in (b) on the basis of said Candidate amino acid Residue affecting said T arget amino acid Residue with respect to said functional property; (d) formi ng at least one Candidate Mutant protein in silico or producing at least one Candidate Mutant protein in vitro in which said at least one Candidate amin o acid Residue from the second protein substitutes a corresponding residue i n the first protein; and (e) screening said at least one Candidate Mutant pr otein produced in (d) to identify a protein having said improved functional property.

CA 2,665,766


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