Production of Sea Urchin Roe

A method of producing edible sea urchin roe including the steps, selecting sea urchins having pre-gametogenic gonads, providing a receptacle for cultivation of the selected sea urchins, the receptacle containing seawater and being capable of being provided with (A) a selected temperature and (B) an illumination for a selected time period at a selected frequency, placing the selected sea urchins into the seawater, cultivating the sea urchins in the seawater for a period of time during which, the temperature of the seawater is prevented from decreasing to a point at which the selected sea urchins undergo gametogenesis, and the time period and frequency of illumination of the seawater are prevented from decreasing to points at which the selected sea urchins undergo gametogenesis, to cause the gonads of each selected sea urchin to develop to substantially the same level of maturity as the gonads of other selected urchins, to produce the edible sea urchin roe.

WO 2,008,074,084


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